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Seminole County's Social Distancing Order allows businesses and places of assembly to remain open pending the following conditions:

a)    All employees and patrons must practice social distancing by staying at least six (6) feet apart;
b)    For businesses which require employee and patrons to be within six (6) feet, both employee and patron must wear a face mask/covering; unless the customer wearing the mask would impede the service, in which case the service provider would need to wear a face mask/covering.  
c)    Group meeting and/or training sizes must be limited to allow appropriate social distancing;
d)    Limit occupancy to 25% of the maximum allowable capacity under the fire code for retail and restaurant establishments and 50% for all other businesses, places of assembly, and non-residential, non-medical, and non-lodging uses; and
e)    Checkout points and staging areas, including store fronts, must be monitored for social distancing requirements by means of marking floors or similar actions to maintain six (6) feet distance between clients. 

Businesses and individuals that do not comply with this Order on a consistent basis are subject to monetary fines up to $500 per occurrence.  Repeat violations could result in mandatory closure pursuant to Section 72.6(b)(1)(F), Seminole County Code, and other applicable Florida Statutes.  Can be enforcement by code enforcement and law enforcement officials.

This Order does not apply to first responders, healthcare/medical workers, veterinarian staff, shelter/rehab staff, utility providers, childcare providers, transit and construction.

Groups of people greater than ten (10) persons are not permitted to congregate in any public space that does not readily allow for appropriate social distancing.


All persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 must follow CDC guidelines for community transmission of COVID-19 and the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America, as follows:

  1. Remain in their home until medically cleared of COVID-19 by a medical doctor and/or the Florida Department of Health.

  2. No physical interaction with persons not residing in the home.


Individuals who do not comply with this Order face a monetary fine up to $500 per occurrence, in accordance with Section 72.12, Seminole County Code, and Section 125.69, Florida Statutes (2019). This Order is enforceable by any county or municipal law enforcement official, code enforcement official, and emergency management official.


COVID-19 positive individuals must abide by the provisions of Section 1 of this Order, unless traveling for medically-related reasons.

To report a violation of this Order, please call the non-emergency line for the respective jurisdiction in which the violation occurred:

  • Unincorporated Seminole County, 407-665-6650

  • City of Altamonte Springs, 407-339-2441 

  • City of Casselberry, 407-262-7606

  • City of Lake Mary, 407-665-6445

  • City of Longwood, 407-260-3465

  • City of Oviedo, 407-971-5700

  • City of Sanford, 407-688-5199   

  • City of Winter Springs, 407-327-1000


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